Ikaw Ba O Sila


In life, it is not always Sunshine and Rainbows. Every now and then, the majority goes to their rough patch.
A slump in their career, personal life, health, and anything that can affect any individual. And when you are in that “Lowtide season”, it is appropriate that you should take a break and rethink yourself.
To find the absolute definition of the real you.

In the past few weeks, I took a break and took some time off to evaluate my purpose in life. I am not in some kind of a downturn, but I felt like that was burned out.
Burned out on overthinking and trying to amuse people.

In the past, I only wrote about myself. It was just me and my writing.
Everything that I wrote in Friendillion is like a personal journey of mine.
The people that I met along the way. And the mini-milestone that I have achieved through the month that passes.
It was my special diary to keep tabs of my life.
But when I started to gain following, I became more cautious of my content.
I have to exert more effort and time in accordance with my market niche. It has to be of their interest. My writing has now shifted from me to them.
It’s not as simple as it used to be. It became more complicated. And at times it is not fun anymore.

My mini Success does come with a price. A consequence that I have to bear in my everyday life.
Eventually, I get the attention of business owners that became my client. I monetized my skills from the content that I am making for them.
I wow my clients and I get compensated by my efforts.
Suddenly, I realized that I am now on the business side.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very much flattered and honored with this little achievement of mine.
It makes me feel that I am doing something good. It feels good to be valued.
Filling in their need and making them stand out above the rest.
It feels good to be wanted. And it is overwhelming to know that you have been a part of their progress.

I may have gained following and monetize my content creation, but I felt that I lost something… I somehow lost myself.

I miss the old days when I just wrote about what I felt or what I wanted to bring out in the open.
It’s more of them now rather than me. I felt that the fire inside of me was slowly fading out.
Why is it so hard to dig up inspiration when before it came out so naturally?

That “See-saw” that I am in was not balanced.
I forgot about myself. Who I really was. I need to find myself again. To bring out that old flame.
So I step back for a while and took a breather.

And indeed, it was exactly what I badly needed. Unconsciously I’ve have been living an unbalanced life.
I got to realign myself to get back in the saddle again.

That mini-break of mine really did good to me. Now I’m back and totally balanced and ready to get in the road again.

I wrote this piece not only to tell my story but also to enlightened my readers that this could happen to anyone.
You might think that you are doing okay, but could be blindsided by your imbalance in life. It is not just taking a vacation or a breather. It is about you.
You need to assess yourself every now and then if you are not only happy and content, but also being aware if you are living a well-balanced life.

You might be to focus on delighting your boss or satisfying your customers.
Don’t forget about yourself too. Learn to love yourself and pat yourself on the back. A mini reward could help.

Too much focus on providing for your family when your health gets affected.
It could be the other way around. It could be too much of you and you forget about your employees and your childhood friends.

Balance my friends. That is the key.
Tone yourself to be properly balanced in all departments.

Ikaw ba o sila?
Bakit hindi ba puwedeng pareho?
Minsan ikaw, Minsan sila… yan ang dapat na tamang sagot.

You got to keep your wheels turning.
Like in a car, you won’t be moving when you got a busted wheel.
Get your wheels aligned so you can get back on the road.

Written on October 5, 2019