Huli Ka!


Have you ever tried driving in the city of Makati? How was it? How many times did you get lost in the city? How many times did you get caught by the traffic enforcers?
If you didn’t had problem in Makati then either you are damn lucky or you lived in a faraway place like Tarlac.

For the record, I witnessed my car being towed for illegal parking (even when there is no sign near the premises), caught for making a left turn (again no sign on site), and illegally entering a “No Entry” road without being caught. It’s crazy!

I know that Makati City stands out as the Economic Heart of the Philippines. Still has the highest concentration of multinational and local corporations in the country today. And it serves as one of several key financial, professional and commercial centers within all the Asian countries. But… can they do something with the Traffic Rules please!!!

Although its population is just half a million, the daytime population of the city is estimated to be more than one million during a typical working day because of the large number of people who go to the city to work, shop, and do business.
Traffic is expected mostly during rush hour and holiday seasons.

If only the city government has a Mobile App that provides all the necessary updates on road closure due to an event, re-routing, and any other news in regards to traffic & traffic rules.

So what can we do?
There are others ways for sure, but for me I just rely on my friend who works in MAPSA (Makati Public Safety Department). They are Makati’s traffic enforcers in a yellow uniform.

And when I say I have a friend in MAPSA, it doesn’t mean that they give me a “Free Pass” and I can just go and disobey their laws and city ordinance. That is not what I meant.
What I mean is they can give me updates, tips and suggestion on all the traffic rules in the city so I won’t make the same mistake again.

The important thing here is “Awareness”! If you get the right information in real time, things will be easier for you to travel to the busiest city in Metro Manila.
You know where the cheapest parking in town, the quickest way to get to your destination, and many more.

I don’t need Waze (World’s largest community based traffic and navigation app) when I go to Makati….. My friends from MAPSA do the trick for me.

That’s the purpose of Friendillion, ladies and gents. Go out and meet new acquaintances. Make friends. You never know, that friend of yours could help you in times of need.

Written on March 23, 2018