How Filipino Are You


Pinoy ka ba? Marunong ka bang magsalita nang ating wika? Nasubukan mo na bang mag-Bayanihan? Kumakain ka na ba ng Balut?

If you don’t understand the words that I am saying then you are not a Filipino. Western Colonialism brought a negative effect in our culture that is rich in values, diverse language, etiquette, and manners that we can be proud of to the whole world.
We somewhat forgot our roots. Our origin. Where we came from. Do we still have Filipino blood left in our veins?

How do we gauge if we are truly a Filipino? It all starts in your home. The place that you reside in and where you spend most of your time in. Just look at your home right now… what do you see? Do you identify any Filipino artifacts in your living room? Does your maid still use a Bunot to clean your floors? Do you have “Timba at Tabo” in your Banyo? Do you have any Banig somewhere in your closet?
If you don’t have any of these, then you might have forgotten how to be a True Filipino.

We can’t blame ourselves living in a 3rd world country that is way behind in technology and manufacture. So most of us purchase imported things like smartphones, automobiles, shoes, bags, and almost everything that we can think of.
I too, was affected by this epidemic colonialism. Until my Tito Mon & Tita Iting came around. They showed the beauty of being a Filipino.

Ever since I was a kid, the couple always gives me Christmas gifts that are made in the Philippines. Pieces of items like bamboo sticks, Sungka, Rattan baskets, and Abaca sandals.
The gifts still continue even up to this present day. We still receive gifts from them that is authentic Filipino like Rags from Mindanao and Coconut night light.

Tito Mon & Tita Iting are true to their nation that they are born in. Their residence in Parañaque is devoted to Filipino products. I even mentioned in my old article about their cute Nipa Hut in their backyard.
And when they recently developed their property in Tagaytay, the heritage stretch out from the city all the way to the province. But this property, which is known to be as their vacation house, is even more Filipino than the one in Manila. It’s a haven for Filipino creativity.

Furnitures were mostly done in Tagaytay by local carpenters and shops owned by local entrepreneurs. The bamboo used in their buffet table, master bedroom bed came from the bamboo that they harvested in their home in Manila.
The paintings are done by their local artists, including the mirrors, lights, floor lamp, metal seat, and table. Accents too mostly came from artists from Palawan.

And every time a visitor come by their place…. the beauty, exquisiteness, and charm that they see from the vacation house not only represents the couple and their immediate family but to all of us…. Filipinos. That is the reason why we are called “Perlas ng Silangan”! Why we have so much Class.
The bamboo, the capiz, the rattan, the artworks and crafts, and everything the Philippines is widely known for should be and must be present in all of us. Not only in our homes but in all of that we do in our daily lives.

Nakakalimutan na nating ang kahalagahan ng isang tunay na Pilipino. Kasalukuyan na itong pumapanaw sa ating isip, sa salita at sa ating gawa.

Tangkilikin natin ang mga produktong gawa sa ating bansa. Ipagkalat sa buong mundo kung sino tayo. Ang bahay na ito sa Tagatay ay isang halimbawa.
Sana ay matulad din tayo tulad nina Mon at Iting… tatak ng pagmahal sa bansang nakalimutan ng karamamihan.

Written on August 3, 2018