Hail To The Green

Private School

2 weeks ago, I wrote an article about “Public School Students Are Our Future”

Today, I’m going to bring up Private Schools and why they have a high success rate in producing countless leaders in business, sports, politics, and society.
And the one private school that I’m going to address today is no other than my Alma Mater… LA SALLE GREENHILLS!

La Salle Greenhills(“LSGH”) is a private Catholic school exclusively for boys.
Standing on a 6-hectare piece of prime property along Ortigas Avenue in Mandaluyong, this school blends time-tested educational traditions and innovations that form learners into responsible citizens who live the core values of faith, service, and fellowship.

This institution, which was founded on the vision of St. John Baptist De La Salle (Patron of Teachers), has excellent academic opportunities which constantly score top marks on standardized tests and have close to a 100 percent rate of students attending their university of their choice.
The school has smaller classes and dedicated teachers where they can focus to individually help students’ weak areas and advance their strengths.

This academy, which carries the color GREEN, is sufficient with ample resources and extracurricular activities that will develop the skills and identity of their students for them to set their future goals and to visualize who they want to be in the course of time.

The St. Benilde Gym, a large dome-shaped structure which was built in 1967, houses main basketball courts for their preparation for a probable UAAP basketball stint.
La Salle Greenhills has a full-sized football field and other facilities like Track Oval, Lawn Tennis Court, Swimming pool, Gold Driving Cage, etc.
But it’s Basketball where they give real attention to.

The compound is surrounded with libraries, music and art rooms, computer labs, chapels, and a retreat house.
La Salle has diverse activity selections for their students like Performing Arts, LSGH Dance Club (now Junior Airforce), Athletics, and the Debate Team.

For 41 years, this academy has an Adult Night High School where they have been converting lives of marginalized adults and deaf learners to gain new skills and have successfully risen to the ranks of professionals, entrepreneurs and those who have successfully joined the workforce.
Truly a Lasallian trait known for being “Man For Others”!

The school is also home to “The Kundirana”, one of the most notable and distinct performing groups in The Philippines, which is a music ministry composed of about 8–15 high school students in their junior or senior year.
Notable alumni include award-winning Filipino artists such as Gary Valenciano, Ogie Alcasid, Randy Santiago, Monet Silvestre, Rannie Raymundo, Dingdong Avanzado, Juan Miguel Salvador, Carlo Orosa, Gian Magdangal of Philippine Idol, Louie Ocampo, and the notable singing groups of the “TUX” and “Men and Music”.

You name it and they got it. The school has inherently everything any student will be needing in their development.
And if you are enrolled in this kind of supportive and nurturing environment, you don’t have an option to fail.
Success is right there to their taking, it’s entirely up to the students which path they will take.

And as proof, I went to my LSGH Batch 93 Facebook Group and took note on the status of my batchmates.
I have batchmates who are successful doctors, entrepreneurs, pilots, musicians, CEO of their companies, writers and producers, etc.
I never saw a “Bum” or ineffective fellow Lasallian in the group.
All 424 of us are armed with skills and talents to prosper in this world. Some are living abroad and some remain to stay in the Philippines. But the color GREEN still endures in our perishing breed.
We are all unique and gifted leaders with a deep relationship with God and took the time to continue to engage in service-oriented activities for those in need.

Even up today, I can still feel the wondrous St. Benilde Gym.
The smell of my favorite authentic tacos at the cafeteria on the ground floor.
My 3 times a week Fencing activities, the opening of car doors when the parents bring their toddlers on campus during my COCC days, and the camaraderie and honor of being together with these fine gentlemen who turn out to be A-okay to our country and our society.

Indeed, La Salle Greenhills is one of the best schools in the country today.
A respected and well-known institution that has transformed lives through Christian and relevant education.
A school where HOPE is alive in our hearts, Forever!

Written on August 2, 2019