Get Noticed By A Queen


“Why we seek for Catriona Gray’s participation”

All of us have somebody we idolized. For those who dig Basketball, they follow stars from Larry Bird, to Michael Jordan, to Giannis Antetokounmpo.
Bookworms adore good authors like George R. R. Martin, J.K. Rowling, and Stephen King. For the ladies, they crave for non-other than their beloved pageantry.
Every year, Filipinos take time to watch Miss Universe.
An annual international beauty pageant that is aired to 190 countries worldwide and seen more than half a billion people.

Until now, we all still feel the excitement that the recently crowned Miss Universe Catriona Gray (the 4th Filipina to win the pageant) brought us.
She now ranks among the top Filipino personalities which include famous boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, Miss Saigon Lea Salonga, and even half Filipino like singers and Bruno Mars, and Hollywood actress Hailee Steinfield.

So why pick Catriona on top of the others?
Well, at first she is at the peak of the mountain. It’s her moment to shine. She has been receiving a lot of proposals on endorsements and commercial deals as we speak (both local and international brands).
Every company wants a piece of our Miss Universe. They know for sure that it’s definitely worth their investment.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. What is more substantial is we are looking for a celebrated personality that has good moral values who will bring inspiration to our followers.
Miss Gray explicitly fit the description. Catriona is well-known for her charity work. She has worked with charitable organizations Love Yourself PH, which deals with combating HIV/AIDS stigma in the Philippines, as well as volunteering as a teaching assistant with Young Focus, a non-governmental organization that provides access to education to underprivileged children and youth.
This half-Filipina, half-Australian has worked to fundraise her organization (Paraiso Bright Beginnings Project) by using her skills and talents, holding concerts and even selling her artworks to encourage people to contribute to the organization— showing that this beauty queen is beautiful both inside and out.

Great! That’s a very good idea! Now what?
How do we get the attention of a top celebrity and endorser like Catriona Gray???

Can I (or anybody for this matter) get her attention just by messaging her on her social media account? What are the odds??
The answer is this… Not good!

Why? Because it’s not them who are handling their social media accounts.
Authentic celebrity accounts are often completely or partially managed by marketing and media supervisors.
Celebrities vaguely have the time to do that so they hand it over to their staff.
But in the case of Catriona (where she is passionate about every fan she got), with more than 1,000 private messages she receives every day… chances are she won’t even able to see it.

Here’s the golden rule…

“To be noticed by an Authority, you have to be an Authority”!

In short, you have to be a Top Dog to get noticed by a Top Dog.
One case in point is Alvin Ocampo. A Pinoy doll hobbyist who imitates TV and Movie celebrities by designing his Barbie dolls.
He evidently got the full attention of Catriona Gray by creating and designing the miniature version of the national costume Classic Parol & Lava Gown that was worn during the Miss Universe pageant.

If I were to send an email to Catriona Gray, the chances of getting a reply from her are worse than hitting a jackpot in the Lotto sweepstakes.
But if use my platform ( then maybe I have a little bit of chance. Friendillion was created not only to gather new friends, but also to give some awareness to the people that the world they live in is still surrounded by Good people.
In my year of writing, Friendillion was able to inspire people and gathered some loyal followers.

Friendillion and Catriona Gray are out there to give inspiration to those who are in need of enlightenment.
To influence people to make their life better and happier. To give encouragement that they too are skilled and talented and should use it to good use.

You see, Friendillion is not just seeking for a Pretty Face in a Pretty Dress.
We are after for more than that. We are searching for a symbol of hope. We pursue for an individual with a kind heart.
We aim for someone who can influence others. Someone who is down-to-earth even with all the success they accomplished.

Friendillion’s followers thirst for more inspiring content and real touching stories.
It wouldn’t hurt if Catriona Gray helps us add more value to our advocacy.

That is life all about ladies and gents. Sharing each one skill and giving value to everyone. Whether you’re a Big Time Influencer or a small one, you are all important.

From one Authority to another, sharing wonderful stories which bring smiles throughout the country…
Oh, correction… bring all smiles through the “Whole Universe”!

Written on May 3, 2019