Gadgets Or Chess


Gadget or Chess? What do you like to play? Most kids will make the obvious choice but little did they know that even though they are quite entertaining.. they are falling for a big trap!
These gadgets (Smartphones, PCs and iPads do cause harm in so many ways like…. Addiction, Distraction, Shortened Attention Spans, Reduced Reading, Lack of Exercise, Disrupted Sleep, Damaged Eyesight, Radiation, and many more.

I must say it’s time to “Rethink Their Wisdom”! In comes the game of Chess!
This popular game goes way way back in the Gupta Empire. Unfortunately, kids of this day and age have forgotten this board game or even worst didn’t know it exist.

I always make it point to let my children know how important this game is and what benefits they will be getting from it. Chess can do a lot of things to kids and adults alike. It can Raise your IQ Level, Sharpen Your Memory, Teaches Planning and Foresight, Teaches Creativity, Promotes Abstract Thinking, Develops Patience & Thoughtfulness, Speed, and Learning to Focus.

In this picture, you will see my eldest playing Chess and getting some tips and pointers from a former Chess player in Nasugbu Batangas. He happens to be my son’s Ninong (Godfather).
He informed Luigi that the key to learning the game of Chess is “Consistency” and “Facing your Fears”.
My son should be playing often to able to get the grasp of the game. More importantly, Luigi, at all cost, should be facing dominant and superior competitors to learn faster. Letting him know that a “Defeat is the Gateway for Greater Knowledge”!

Don’t get me wrong, I also allow my children to play those gadgets that I’d mentioned. After all, they are all kids. There is no escaping technology. They belong to that world!
But it is also significant to learn and appreciate the old game of Chess. The Chess artifacts or Ivory pieces also teaches how we can apply it in real life. Knowing which move to make comes with In-Sight and Knowledge. Like “when you see a Good Move, Look for a Better One”!

Life is like a game of Chess, to Win you have to make a Move”! And I’m glad to know that my children is going towards that direction.

Written on May 18, 2018