From Hero To Zero



A “Watch Me Climb” Story… 📈

I’m fascinated with “Underdog” stories.
Nothing beats the thrill of seeing someone go from nobody to somebody.

This is Emman.

Officially, he is my little brother’s barkada (tropa)…
Unofficially, he is our family’s errand boy… 🛒

He has been with us almost every day. He inherently resides in our home in Quezon City. And because of that, our regular visitors that come over the house started to notice him. They have been asking questions like…
Who is this guy? Where did he come from?
Does he have a family? How does he earn a living?

In other words, our guests have this bad image of him that he is a “Bum”. 🧔

They see him as a person who avoids work and sponges on others.
They think of him as a loafer, idler, someone who leads an idle or dissolute life.

But I don’t care what people think of him. For me, he’s family.
And I find him very useful too.

He used to drive for me when I need to go to our province in Batangas.
It’s a 124 km ride going to Balayan and another 124 ride back to East Kamias.
He certainly helped me a lot thus saving me energy to dwell into much important things rather than driving.

He used to drive for my Mom and my little sister Teta to CSA when they were both alive. He goes to market when necessary, helps my little brother Ramiro whenever he is trap in a computer game, and he is somewhat our clown whenever he sings during our Karaoke nights.

When we sold our property in Quezon City, our so-called group got disbanded.
And I never heard from Emman since.

So I thought that was the end of it… until I saw him on Facebook.

When I viewed Emman’s FB profile, I was shocked to see him that he is a “Changed Man”. He finally has a woman who fell in love with him wholeheartedly (Honestly, I thought that this won’t ever happen).
And he also has kids on top of that.

Emman is now a responsible family man. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

He is also working as a repair/maintenance guy for PAL Express for more than 3 years now (How’s that for a Bum?) ✈

Our Covid situation is the only nuisance for me on giving me the chance of seeing him so that we can have a drink and give him a pat on the pack for his recent accomplishments.

Emman is just one of the many “Watch Me Climb” stories that are happening in real life. There are many more out there. There are some that you might know of.
There are also some which include you.

The important thing is that we are able to rise to the challenges, overcoming our fears & doubts, and forming a good life out of it.

It does not matter if our goal is high or low, what is crucial is how we get there. 😍

Written on July 27, 2020