Fantasy To Reality

Rachel Demita

Fantasy to Reality

When I say about gaining new friends it doesn’t mean that you just settle for less. It doesn’t mean that you just go out on the street and ask some stranger to be your new friend. Where’s the challenge in that?
Although that is the objective of the game, it would be better to aim high. We all should reach for the Stars.

Now, that Star could be anyone. Just look for that somebody that you look up to like a Celebrity, a Sports Athlete, a Book Author, or even a Famous Painter. The choice is up to you.

The difficult part is getting their attention. The Big Challenge is how would a ordinary person (like you and me) can able to reach them. These famous personalities are too busy in their everyday lives.
Do you think that they even have the slightest amount of time to ask you “Hi (your name)! How’s your day going?”
You and I both know that our chance are slimmer the slim.

But I am up to the task. I don’t care how hard and how long it will take. That is the purpose of Friendillion anyway. We don’t just acquire the easy ones but we aspire to do the impossible. We dream to reach for the Stars.
For starters, I going to name this project as “Fantasy to Reality”!

My subject is Miss Rachel Demita. Details are as follows…

Rachel Annamarie Demita

=> Host and Co-Producer of NBA 2KTV
=> Host in Uproxx, ESPN, Fox Sports Digital, Go90, and AwesomenessTV to name a few
=> Model for Adidas (Brand Ambassador), The Gap, Mt. Dew, Finish Line, Kellogg’s, FanDuel, Sephora, and many more

Akron, Ohio

June 14, 1990


Finish school at The American University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Performing Arts

Interesting Facts:
=> Played 8 years of competitive Basketball
=> RAD (Rachel Annamarie Demita) is Vegan, with a love for all animals - especially cats. She spends time at the animal shelter weekly helping to socialize, behavior train and care for her feline friends
=> Placed Top 20 in Miss California USA 2013, her first pageant

Why did I choose her? Because of Rachel’s desire for Sports, Cats & Animals, and Interviewing Successful people. These are the traits that I am really into.

I am also thinking of doing a YouTube channel for my Friendillion and I can get a few tips from Ms. Demita. If given the opportunity, I would like to produce or co-produce a show (documentary perhaps).

But most important of all is her success from transitioning from being good at something to the other. Rachel’s excelled in Basketball before she decided to quit. The amazing thing is how she managed to create another great thing like hosting on NBA 2KTV after Basketball. It is really something to marveled at.
I want to imitate that too by being the best in everything that I do whether that was in the past or something that I will do in the future.

If possible, I also like to learn Yoga from her since that thing and meditation is something I am having trouble starting in (no matter how hard I try).

So starting today, November 15, 2017… I’m going to start to communicate and message to my subject (Rachel Demita).
It will be a big mountain to climb and I don’t when or how she will notice me but with Friendillion’s help I might have a chance…. even if it is a tiny winy little chance.

Written on November 15, 2017