Environmental Fee


Me and my family went to Matabungkay in Lian Batangas just to swim on the beach. We knew before that there are some locals who used to set up ropes for donation for their April fiesta.
Now it’s different…. We were surprised to see that there is now a 25.00 pesos Environmental Fee. And that is not for the entire family or entire group… it’s Php 25.00 per head.
Isn’t that a little “Overkill”? This is Batangas were talking about not Coron Palawan.

I mean I have no problem paying up the fee but my concern is…
1.) Does it have to be Php 25.00 per head.
2.) Are the Collected environmental fees will be put transparently into a general fund that will be used for improvement of tourism infrastructure.

According to the municipal of Lian Batangas, a population of 50,000 residents, that they will implement collection of the said fees for the protection of their beach, their tourism, and their town.

So before paying the Environmental Fee, I stopped my car, went down, and interviewed the representatives (collectors) who were seating comfortably in the small nipa hut.
The collectors said that the fee (Php 25.00) is distributed for the Barangay, the Tourism Office, the Environment and Tourism Project, the Educational Fund Program, and for their General Fund.

They also said that one of the reason they have this Environmental Fee is that in the past there are lots of nearby town tourist like Balayan, Calaca and Tuy…. not to mention people from Tagaytay, most parts in Cavite and Metro Manila come over to their place and leave their trash upon departing.

Trash was everywhere. From plastics, paper cups, liquor bottles, water bottles, sardine cans, worn out slippers, heck… even condoms.
Matabungkay has become a dumpyard that cause an immense amount of algae and waste. Does that ring any bell…. Oh Hi there Boracay!

So we checked in to one of the resort and went straight ahead to the shore. I noticed that there were only a few trash that is scattered around the beach.
The coastline has almost doubled in size and they took away some of the illegal vendors that is one of the cause of congestion.
In short, the town has improved the outlook of their beach. I’m Impressed!

Not bad Lian. I hope you continue your good deeds that will bring back your tourist back in the fold. I also heard that neighboring towns like Calatagan and Nasugbu are also implementing such rules and ordinance to safeguard and preserve their beloved town.

I hope this Environmental Fee is just the beginning for us to protect what is ours. We don’t want to live in a world where we always stay guard to Protect the Environment.
I want to Create a World where the Environment doesn’t need any more Protecting.

Written on May 4, 2018