Christmas In June


Santa Claus is coming to town. In fact, he’s here with us in our home in the month of June. We are all so happy and blessed for his presence and the precious gifts that he brought all the way from North Pole.
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and his most prized reindeer “Rudolph The Red Nose” were waiting patiently in our main street.
My children even took pictures of Santa’s sleight that weigh over 400,000 tons carrying all the toys for all the children all over the world.

So I asked Santa why did he paid us a visit in the midyear. Are we good to people so you decided to give your Christmas presents in advance? Heck no! The gentleman said.
I’m not Santa, and I don’t live in the North Pole. My name is Jim, from Winnipeg Canada. Suddenly, the reindeers and the long sleight disappeared in our very eyes.
It’s all an illusion. This guy is totally an impostor!

Still, I politely asked the guy who look like Santa his purpose of his visit. The guy with the long beard replied “I have a charity event in Tacloban”. A Concert where the proceeds will go directly to the poor people in the province of Leyte.
Intrigued with his pure intentions, I asked more details about the said event. Questions like What type of songs will he be playing? The duration of his stay? and Will he being going to other places like Cebu or Davao?

Those questions lead to hours of long talks and interesting stories about him and his efforts that he has accomplished in other countries. At that time, I began to know the guy… the real him!
Jim played and made jokes with my boys. Gave kitchen souvenirs to my wife. And hand overed me a very unique item that came from South Africa.
My doubts turned into blessed assurance. I said to myself… he is definitely Santa Claus! He definitely must be!

In Western and Eastern Christian culture, people tend to be more “Kind and Generous” only in the month of December. After that, it’s all back to selfishness again.
Why can’t we be this Canadian guy who treats each month like Christmas. It teaches us that giving is so important and it isn´t always about what you have in your hands to give, but sometimes so much more; something from deep down in your heart that you`re doing voluntarily.

Giving gives us hope that there is still some good in this world. It reminds us that we do have gentle hearts and can be “Man For Others” whenever a circumstance arise.
I’m glad I met Jim. He taught me how to be “Jolly” and “Happy” all the time regardless of month we are in. I am happiest in the month of December, so why not do that also in January, February and all of the remaining months.
We can have a “Monthly Christmas” and spread Holiday spirit and the gift of giving in our minds and hearts.

So yes, this is all an illusion. The big guy from Canada is pretending to be an ordinary guy who held events for charitable purposes. The real story is Jim is Santa Claus. He is just wise to hide his loyal reindeers from me and my family.
I have a hunch that Rudolph The Red Nose reindeer is hiding somewhere among our neighbor’s trees.

Written on June 21, 2018