Be A Polylinguist


How many languages do you speak? 1 or 2?
I, on the other hand, would want to learn a new language as much as possible. To me, studying a foreign language feeds my brain.
It helps me develop strong cognitive skills and improves my social interaction between peers (locals or foreign alike). International travel is made easier and more pleasant through knowing their country’s language.

Instead of doing some dull things like posting selfies on social media, I spend more time acquiring new knowledge such as the potential of being a “Polylinguist”!

So, without further ado, here are my spoken languages…

With the Philippines being colonized by the United States for almost 50 years (1898-1946), English has become a natural 2nd language to most Filipinos.
In fact, me and my kids speak more English fluently than our local dialect. I have to say that we are in some way fortunate since we don’t have to study English that is the actual “Universal Language”.
It is one of the most influential languages in the world right now. Because apart from being spoken as an official language by millions of people, it is also the first 2nd language chosen by many people around the globe.

Las Filipinas estuvo bajo el dominio Español por más de 300 años (1521-1898). Pero sorprendentemente, Los Filipinos de hoy no hablan Español en absoluto.
Creo que somos el único país que fue colonizado por España que se olvidó totalmente de hablar el bello idioma.
Para aquellos que no lo sabían, Español es el tercera idioma más popular en todo el mundo. La gente habla español en 31 países, en su mayoría alrededor de Latinoamérica (y España, por supuesto!). Tienen de 400 millones hablantes nativos. ¡Y casi tantos hablantes no nativos!
Así que me inscribí en el Instituto Cervantes de Manila para aprender el idioma. ¡Estoy tan feliz de haberlo hecho!

私の最も年上の息子行い合気道, 私の、最も若い、見ているアニメ, そして、ディナーのためにスシを準備している私の妻 日本語のための私達の崇拝の証拠である。 私はいつもそれ以来の日本が好きである。それらは最も丁寧なおよび最もクリーンな人々である. 私はそれらの文化およびそれらの生活様式が好きである。 日本(本質的)でそれが約1億3000万人の住民により話されるだけであるので、Nihongoは、分離された言語である。 それは本当にレコードの多少である。しかし、それらの国がそんなに興味をそそるので、私達が話すと私がそれらの方法を学んでいる理由である。

Eto na yata ang pinaka-napabayaang salita nating mga Filipino. Nakakalungkot isipin na karamihan na ating mga kababayan na naninirahan sa ibang bansa ay hindi na nagsasalita ng ating wika.
Ako ay Filipino! Mahal ko ang aking bansa at aking mga kababayan. Kaya tungkulin ko na turuan ang aking mga anak na hindi lang mahalin ang ating wika pero gamitin din ito sa araw araw.
Ang wikang Tagalog ang pinaka-mahalagang wika sa akin kahit na matuto pa ako ng ibang dayuhang salita.

So there you go. So far, I have 4 languages under my belt. I advise you to do so and learn a new language.
There is no such as thing as too old to learn as long as you have the desire. I am now thinking of a new language to acquire.
Tell me, should it be Dothraki or High Valyrian?

Written on December 15, 2018