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Steve Jobs ($10.2 billion), Bill Gates ($96.4 billion), Mark Zuckerberg ($3.9 billion).
What to do they have in common aside from being ridiculously rich? All of them are College dropouts.

And they are not the only ones who became financially successful in life. If you look around in your area or neighborhood… you will see some dude who’s more than financially secured who didn’t even finish one semester.

It’s either these people are great or our traditional school is lagging behind in education. So in order to get an analysis on this, I asked a few of my classmates in La Salle on how far did they go after school. Some did okay, while some are struggling. But only a few of them really made it big time.

It really got me into thinking… where should I enroll my children? After knowing that our traditional school graduates are not getting the jobs that they want. It bears down on us with a lot of uncertainty.
Is there any other option???

Then I saw my cousin Frannie… She’s a housewife with 8 children. Wow! right?
How was she able to manage 8 kids in one house? What is more amazing is she homeschools all of them.

Frannie starts her day making sure her husband is all suited up for work then prepares breakfast.
The elder kids have their own assigned chores and duties before they start their school in the comforts of their home.
In the afternoon, they have a great amount of playtime and bonding with the family. Either it’s soccer practice, cooking a new recipe with her daughters, or playing board games.
Their ordinary weekdays are like special weekends for you and me.

That’s not only that, my cousin did have time to publish her own book in the past that teaches her readers to manage their time and delegating tasks (Kind of like ME AND KATE PLUS 8).
“This is too good to be true” is what I said subconsciously. “I have to go and check it out”! So I did, I went to Frannie during one of their soccer games in Ayala Alabang.

It was like 3 in the afternoon, where her boys where playing out in the field while my sons are home buried with homework.
That immediate occurrence was the final nail in the coffin. I went back to my wife and said… “Hon, let’s homeschool our kids”!

Before I continue, this how why we decided to go back to Homeschooling…


1.) Dedicated teachers with an excellent teacher-to-student ratio.
“Premium Parenting” more engaged.
2.) More Family Time, Enjoy close family relationships
3.) More time to pursue their hobbies and interest
4.) Homeschooled kids have an easier time socializing to people of all ages
5.) Get more sleep, no homework
6.) Major concerns about the environment of traditional schools (drugs, bullies, & early pregnancies)
7.) Getting into college with a great transcript with less stress and burnout
8.) Emphasize community involvement

and my top 2 reasons…

9.) Focus on their skills & expertise
10.) Preparing for entrepreneurship

As of today, my cousin Frannie’s elder children are now in college and just a few of them whom she homeschools. And seeing Frannie’s elder children, I can see that they are right on track and on the proper course of their professional career or business.

My boys too are on the right pace. My eldest is into Web Development. Did a Family Tree website and is now preparing to build a business App for the SME.
He does laps 3 times a week, plays the Ukulele, and attends to his precious Japanese Aikido.
With more free time, He wants to add more activities for next year.

My youngest with Autism has dramatically improved because of our ways of educating him. He is now more sociable and is now engage in music and arts.

Homeschool is obviously not for everyone. But it’s clearly indisputable that this is something that someone should really think about.
During the primitive era, young children were only taught at home to become good members of their tribe or band. Education is designed to guide them in learning a culture, molding their behavior in the ways of adulthood, and directing them toward their eventual role in society.

As society becomes ever more complex and schools become ever more institutionalized, the educational experience becomes less directly related to daily life, less a matter of showing and learning in the context of the workaday world, and more abstracted from practice, more a matter of distilling, telling, and learning things out of context.
They produce more workers and employees rather than owners and businessmen. I know exactly know why the Finns developed their educational system and are probably one of the best education in the world.

More parents are going back to homeschool. They know what value it can bring to their child.
If you want to know more about the beauty of Homeschool, go and talk to my cousin Frannie. She is just there playing soccer in the field with her kids.

Written on November 22, 2018