About the Author

Hi! My name is Francis Isberto. The Creator of Friendillion.

I’m a Writer, serial Entrepreneur, and a Content Marketing Consultant.

Francis and Nia

I built Friendillion primarily as my personal journal of gaining new friends.

What I never expected was people started to like my posts and articles. They said it is inspiring and has somewhat changed their lives.

Last March, I posted an article titled “THE THING CALLED MATERIALISM” on my Facebook page. That post went viral.
That post reached 2,877,912 and 782,130 engagements.
It gathered 27 thousand Likes, 3.1 thousand Comments, and 17 thousand Shares.
I didn’t pay anything nor used Facebook Ads. Everything is organic!

See link for reference… “The Thing Called Materialism”

Then another article of mine went viral, and then another… and another.

That’s when I realized that we have something special going around here.
People are inspired. It somewhat kept their hopes up.
In my own small way, I was able to help them with their lives.

Through that, I’ve discovered the real definition of Friendillion… Helping People!

Here’s how I offer my Help

I will help grow your business through

$ Boosting your Facebook Page
$ Get your Customers Engaged
$ Generate more Sales

My strengths lie in “Building Relationships”!
Healthy business relationships are the foundation of any successful business.
Your Customers will love you. Influencers will align with you. And Competitors will become friends.

Fell Free to Contact me

Don’t be shy to message me. There’s no such thing as too small to do business.
Just remember, that I too started from small…

Shoot me an Email at icebert04@gmail.com

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