A Real Mother

Real Mother

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! While we are all accustomed to give importance to our mothers, wives, and even daughters… for me, however, there is a different type of mother that lingers in our society.
Her name is Sr. Mary Grace Rillo, Superior of the Carmelites in the province of Lipa City, Batangas. Although she is fully devoted in the house of God, she makes time to check on the well being on each and every member of her family (even to the farthest degree).

Sr. Mary Grace is a Scholastican and the eldest among her siblings. She should be taking care of the properties, businesses of her family but instead she is living the call to contemplative life in a powerhouse of prayer.
I grew up knowing that I have an aunt who is a nun at one of the church in Batangas. I remember that my Grandmother (Tita Caring) and my Mom used to visit Sr. Mary Grace’s church regularly.
As a child, I always get bored going to that place. There’s not much to do there but “Sit and Pray”.
But I always been hearing stories about that nun who helped a lot of people. This began to question me… Why is she so special to a lot of people? What made her different from the others?

Years past and both my Lola and my Mom has gone to meet our creator. Now, it is just me who visit Sr. Mary Grace. Not that often but still managed to stop by especially when I’m around the area.
We talked a lot. Not only in the vicinity where she is stationed but through social media (Yes, they are allowed to use Facebook).
During those talks, I get to know the person. The reason why is she so special and made her different and unique.

She is busy involved in so many projects but the one thing that struck me is her helping the youth get into College. Sr. Mary Grace goes out of her way to find those kids who lack the funds to go to Universities.
I don’t know how many youngsters did she help but I’m quite sure there’s a lot. And she never brags about it. She just stays quiet and continues on lending a helping hand.

She is a definition of a Real Mother. Someone who will make an uttermost sacrifice to change people’s lives…. whether they are relative or not.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day…. She also deserved to hear that compliment and salutation. A true mother to us all!

Written on May 12, 2018