A New Hope


Our country is in crisis!
Poor infrastructure & Urban planning that lead to nightmarish traffic & countless floods. Below par educational system, Low-quality healthcare, Overpopulation & Poverty, Corruption, and Lack of opportunities & Unemployment.
I don’t blame our fellow Filipinos who left our country (or planning to leave) for greener pastures. With a staggering 2.3 million OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers), who mostly leave their dear loved ones in exchange for a better future, is one compelling proof of our country’s economic incapacity.

What happened? The Philippines used to be an Economic Powerhouse back in the day when the exchange rate was 2 pesos to a dollar.
Our country was once a model of development and 2nd only to Japan among East Asian economies.

But there is still hope for our dwindling nation. Our Manufacturing, Tourism, and Agriculture are “Slowly but Surely” vastly improving.
However, we can’t fully rely on these sectors. And our government can only do so much.

Filipinos are talented in a lot of ways and if each one of us contributes to our country, we will see a massive change in our mother homeland.
As for me, my way of contributing is through “Cacao & Chocolates”.

For those who didn’t know, most of the world’s cocoa is grown in a narrow belt 10 degrees either side of the Equator. Thus making our country one of the producers.
With global sales for chocolates reaching to $ 147 Billion, our nation can grab a big chunk of that pie.

We will get a revenue additional export of at least $ 150 million.
50,000 of our local farmers will be getting additional incomes between Php 60,000 to Php 80,000 per hectare.
And we will have 25 million cacao trees not only producing 2 kg of dried beans per month, but also combat climate change, improve air quality, preserve our soil and support our endangered species.

Plus, we will be making our very own chocolate brand.
Davao has started producing chocolate bars but we still need more local manufacturers to make our country be recognized globally.
Our neighboring countries like Japan, China, & South Korea don’t have cacao trees in their land. We can develop a specialty chocolate for them.

How about an Amusement Park & Museum at our very own Chocolate Factory? It will create an awareness to our youth that we are blessed with cacao and learn to cultivate it.

At the moment, I am…

1.) Collecting small farmers & landowners for planting Cacao trees in the province of Batangas (1st District)
2.) Producing hand-made Dark chocolate bars primarily in the villages of Parañaque City

The operation is still small but slowly getting traction & attention.
We will be needing a lot of you… farmers, landowners, drivers & deliveries, distributors, chocolate connoisseur, exporters, sellers of equipment & machinery, web designers, promoters, influencers, and partners, investors, & venture capitalists.

I need dedicated people who will be of big help to this venture that will, in some way, contribute to our economy.

I don’t care how long this will take.
As for now, I am overwhelmed by the fact that the “Believers” of this project outweighs the “Non-Believers”.
This is not entirely for me only. It’s for our country and for every Filpino. Creating a product that is 100% Philippine made.

This is a New Hope!
We’ve been in the dark for too long… it’s now time to get out of that tunnel!

Written on September 19, 2018