A Fried Chicken Nation


That is my son right there in the picture. Holding batches of day-old chicks that arrived on the farm.
That is who we are. Our family has an endless adoration for animals… both domesticated and livestock.
One of which is Chickens…

It’s no secret that The Philippines are a “Fried-Chicken Nation”!
These fluffy creatures are probably the most populous and most popular type of meat for most Filipino consumers today.
Just look at Jollibee. Try to visit one of their branches and see for yourself the volume of orders of “Chickenjoys” of every single hungry customer.
It goes without saying that Filipinos do love chickens and the demand is “Huge”!

During the course of my business (particularly in this agricultural project), I managed to write a “Booklet”.
In that booklet, I’ve written all the things that I have done in my Poultry farm.
My success and my failures, My improvisation and innovation.
And also my mistakes and setbacks and how can anyone avoid these.

These contents include…
=> The Beauty of Poultry
=> My House and Sanctuary (proper housing for the birds)
=> The Importance of getting the right Day Old Chicks (how to minimize mortality)
=> Why Commercial Feeds will Kill You (ways of reducing feed costs)
=> Disease Control, Vaccination and Biosecurity
=> How to make Money (the most exciting part)
=> How to Turn Waste into Gold
=> No Cash or Land… No Problem
=> Feasibility Study (for the rich, middle class, and the poor)
=> Plus more tips and advice…

And more importantly, how can anyone have healthy chicken meat and additional income in 28 days.

If you are interested in getting this booklet, you can reach me through my channels.
I have updated the contents of it for 2019. Everything is good to go.

But whether you read my booklet or not, I strongly advise you to raise your own backyard meat birds.
We see a lot of people getting sick, babies being born with deformities and abnormalities, and early age deaths to most.
One of these factors is the food that we eat. We simply don’t know what food we are eating at our very own table.

It’s the food that we eat that is killing us. The food that is full of bad chemicals, anti-biotics, pesticides and insecticide, etc.
All of these are making the once rich and healthy food produce into a deadly poisonous killing pill.

Here’s a question, when you go out to do your groceries… where do you buy your meat? My second question is (if it is from a reliable and steady source), how sure are you of the meat that you are buying?
Did you see them grow?
Do you know exactly what food do they eat?
Are you sure that they free from anti-biotics and chemicals?

In all honesty, nobody knows.
So why trust your health and your precious life to some company whose main concern is to make a profit?
Why not grow your own food. In that way, you know what you are eating.
If you go Organic, you have added 10 more good years of your life in this world.

Raising backyard meat birds (like chickens and ducks) in your open lot in the city can give you healthy meat and possible fresh eggs as well.
Just imagine that. You have an egg-laying machine right at your backyard (Pancakes anyone?). Or Chicken Pot Pie for your family any time of the week.
Oh, by the way, did you know that your chickens can also fertilize your garden by letting them poop and turning it into an effective growth-enhancing tool for your fruits and vegetables.
The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t have space, you can coordinate with your relatives in the province and start a small meat bird farm in a 500 square meter lot.
It will not only give you a reason to go to your province to pick up the meat and egg produce, but you might be earning a buck or two from a land that is once idle and abandoned.

At the moment, I am engaged in planning to initiate an organic farm in the south of manila. So stay tuned. More to come in the coming months…

In the meantime, if you want reliable and healthy chicken meat and eggs…
if you want to have your backyard meat birds in your own home…
then go ahead and read my booklet.

Chickens are not only dependable healthy food source, they can also be your new next best friend.

Written on August 9, 2019